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Change The Doing
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.

1: Break Problem Patterns
Change any part you can of your regularly repeated actions in a problem situation. Change the timing, location, sequence, body patterns, language, etc.

2: Find and Use Solution Patterns
Find something you or someone else did that made the problem less severe or solved it and then do the same thing or something similar in a current problem situation.

Change The Viewing
There is nothing as dangerous as an idea
when it is the only one you have.

3: Acknowledge Your Feelings and the Past, But Don’t Let Them Determine Your
Actions in the Present and the Future.

Balance acknowledging problems, the past and your feelings with opening possibilities.
Feelings are great advisors, but poor masters.

4: Shift Your Attention
What you focus on tends to expand in your life and in your awareness. To solve the problem, change your perpective or focus of attention.

5: Imagine a Future that Leads to Solutions in the Present
Turn your gaze from the past to a future in which the problem is solved. Then work backwards to figure out what you could do to make that future a reality.

6: Change Problem Stories into Solution Stories
Change impossibility stories you have about yourself, your life and your problem into solution-oriented stories that open up possibilities for change.

7: Use Spirituality to Transcend or Resolve Problems
Find pathways that connect you to resources that are beyond your everyday perspectives and help you transcend petty feelings and selfish desires.

8: Use Action Talk to Solve Relationship Problems
Stick to facts rather than interpretations. Describe what has happened as if you could see and hear it on a videotape. This makes your communication more likely to be understood and less likely to create a defensive response. Use:

9: Perform a Resolution Ritual to Resolve Unfinished Issues From the Past
Instead of analyzing and dwelling on the past when you are stuck, use resolution rituals, special, time-limited actions that help people move on by giving them something to do.

10: Develop Stability and Connective Rituals to Prevent Problems and Create Connections
Develop regular habits and activities that help create stability and connect you to your life or to others in your life.

cover2.gif (3694 bytes) Adapted from Do One Thing Different and Other Uncommonly Sensible Solutions to Life's Persistent Problems (William Morrow, October 1999) by Bill O'Hanlon, M.S. 1999.

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