Bill's Attic

Bill is an information junkie. He loves almost any piece of paper with writing on it and is tireless in his collecting of articles, books, advertisements, brochures, letters; anything he thinks will someday be useful to him, his family, or anyone else, gets carried home and put in a pile. Eventually the pile gets put into a box and the box sits in his office waiting to be organized. And once in a while, just once in a great while, Bill (or some fairy godmother of his) sorts through the boxes and some small piece of his collection gets entered into the computer. And Bill's most favorite thing (next to collecting information) is to have it all stored and organized on his computer. He just sleeps better on these rare and wonderful occasions.

So come back to the attic once in a while to see how much progress Bill is making on organizing his boxes. Because as soon as it goes onto his computer, it will likely be added to Bill's Attic, Bill's on-line repository for useful information.

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