Tell me,
what is it that
you plan to do with your one wild and
precious life
Mary Oliver

Opening Possibilities
Breakthrough principles for
breaking free from limitations
and finding a life of passion,
aliveness, integrity and meaning

Workshop Description

ill O’Hanlon inspires and empowers therapists to find and develop their unique voices in their clinical work and to find hope and possibilities in seemingly hopeless situations. Workshop participants have long remarked on the spiritual and personal impact of his work. Drawing on his hopeful, effective approach to therapy he goes beyond it to show how problems, symptoms and impasses can be signposts to areas where people have limited themselves in their lives. Participants will have the opportunity to examine how their beliefs either limit or facilitate their ability to bring about change.

Going beyond a quick-fix, pump you up with positive thinking approach, you will learn a set of principles that can be applied to a variety of problems or goals. Although the seminar mixes the personal and professional, there will be no touchy-feely exercises and you will not have to bare your soul in front of strangers.

Psychotherapists and others interested in the process of change are invited to participate, but there is a warning: This seminar may cause severe disruption to old beliefs and unhelpful patterns and you may have no place to go but toward the life that is your heart’s and soul’s desire.


Acknowledgment: The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off or scare the hell out of you
Embracing, rather than avoiding, breakdowns
Developing Faith: Taking a step into the unknown
The Inclusive Self: Allowing contradictions without conflict
Finding Your Voice: Developing your uniqueness and de-shaming yourself
Walking Through the Room of 1000 Demons: Meeting, greeting and consulting your fears
The World as Your Guru: Letting physical reality teach you what you need to know
Stepping Outside Your Story: Beliefs about yourself, your past and your world
Slouching Toward Perfection: How to avoid being paralyzed by having to get it right
Examining Your Strategies: What got you this far may be what’s holding you back
Money, Sex, Relationships, Food/Weight/Body Image, Parents


Comments from attendees

(If you are a previous attendee and would like to give a comment, send it along)

"I learned a great deal about myself. I learned that all of me is okay and I found some areas of myself that need attention and where fear has stopped me. I can also begin to use this new learning to help my clients grow, expand and see their possibilities."

"The workshop was very beneficial in expanding my acceptance and compassion for myself. Thank you for that gift."

"Provided a lot of food for thought, helped me take stock of my life and refocus on what direction I am heading. It will also be very beneficial in helping my clients resolve trauma, life transitions, marital problems and depressive issues. This was a gift to myself, a

personal retreat."

"You’ve got to keep doing this workshop! Therapists do not spend enough time thinking about themselves and what they bring to the therapy room and their clinical work can suffer as a result."

"This seminar really messed me up! Thank you."

are you just barely breathing
and calling it a life? —Mary Oliver

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