Jon Amundson, Ph.D. (Therapist)

Jon Amundson has been in independent practice in Calgary since 1980. He has given presentations ranging from issues related to child protection to legal defense. He has published on topics ranging from ethical behaviour and professional conduct through family therapy, psychological diagnosis, and divorce mediation.. Jon has also served as expert witness at most levels of the court system in Alberta and has been a consultant to and investigator into ethics for the Psychlogists Association of Alberta and Chairs the Practice Review Committee for the College of Alberta Psychologists.

A friend says of Jon: "I can't believe you got Jon to present. While he is a curious and enthusiastic person and puts on a hell of a show, he is also very superstititous. You see, he thinks ideas are dangerous in that they have a life of their own and try to seize us up and hold us and always promise more than they can deliver. In exchange for the attention they receive, particular ideas lay claim to you and demand loyalty. Jon always says it is dangerous to believe anything too much; and to never ask an idea to carry more than it's share of reality! In the space of a day he can provide a solid, forensic opinion for a court of law and create almost shamanistic alternative realities for a couple of families that he treats."

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