Laura Markowitz, B.A. (Journalist)

Laura Markowitz is an award-winning writer whose work has been recognized with one of the highest honors in journalism, the National Magazine Award. Covering the field of family therapy and psychotherapy as a senior editor for the Family Therapy Networker, Markowitz has published cover stories in Glamour, Utne Reader and other mainstream magazines, as well as been a contributor to MS, Tricycle, Sojourner and many other magazines. She has contributed chapters to nonfiction anthologies and psychology textbooks, including her most recent, "My Mother, Elvis and Me," in Every Woman I've Ever Loved (Cleis, 1997). She is a coeditor of the book The Evolving Therapist (Guilford, 1992), and a principal editor of The Chronology: The Documented Day-By-Day Account of the Secret Military Assistance to Iran and to the Contras (Warner Books, 1987), which was a primary reference for Special Council Lawrence Walsh during the Iran-Contra investigations.

Three years ago, Markowitz began editing and publishing her own therapy magazine focused on queer (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) families and their loved ones, called In the Family. The quarterly publication--her hobby and volunteer work--was given the 1997 Excellence in the Media Award by the American Association for marriage and Family Therapy, and is a three-time nominee for an Alternative Press Award.

Markowitz is currently a board member and North American organizer of The Bhikkshuni Foundation, which she was instrumental in starting to benefit Buddhist nuns in Sri Lanka.

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