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Do One Thing Different
And Other Uncommonly
Sensible Solutions to
Life's Persistent Problems

A helpful and humorous new approach to the same old #$%&!@.

Think of a problem in your life. Now solve it. That's not as crazy as it sounds, once you try the quick, supportive methods in this book by one of the developers of brief solution-oriented therapy. Best of all, Bill O'Hanlon says, you already know how! Simply "changing the viewing" or "changing the doing" of the problem using ten "solution keys" will put you back in control of your emotions and your life. Useful (sometimes bizarre) examples show the process in action:

Chapter 1
Analysis Paralysis: From Liabilities to Possibilities

Changing the Doing of the Problem:
Insanity is Doing The Same
Damn Thing Over and Over
Again and Expecting Different Results

Chapter 2
When Life Has Become the Same Damn Thing Over and Over Again: Changing Patterns

Chapter 3
Becoming Solution-Oriented: Doing What Works

Changing the Viewing of the Problem:
There's Nothing as Dangerous
as an Idea When It's
the Only One You Have

Chapter 4
Acknowledgment and Possibility: Getting Beyond the Past and Your Feelings

Chapter 5
What You Focus on Expands: Shifting Attention

Chapter 6
If You Don't Have a Dream, How You Gonna Make a Dream Come True?: Using the Future to Solve Problems

Chapter 7
Rewriting Life Stories: Changing problem beliefs into solution-oriented ideas

Chapter 8
Rising Above Yourself: Solution-Oriented Spirituality

Applying Solution-Oriented Therapy to Specific Areas of Your Life

Chapter 9
The Codependent Cinderella Who Loves a Man Who Hates Woman Too Much: Solution-Oriented Relationships

Chapter 10
You Mean You Can Talk During This?: Solution-Oriented Sexuality

Chapter 11
Exorcising the Ghosts of the Past: Using Rituals to Resolve Unfinished Business and to Prevent Problems

Chapter 12
If You Fall On Your Face, At Least You’re Heading in the Right Direction: Solution-Oriented Living
Solution-Oriented Resource List: Other Books, Tapes and Resources You Might Find Helpful

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