ill O'Hanlon is a psychotherapist who was a developer of Solution-Oriented Therapy and a founder of Possibility and Inclusive Therapies. His clinical work is recognized for its collaborative respectful approach to clients. He is known for his storytelling, irreverent humor, clear and accessible presentation style and his psychotic enthusiasm for whatever he is doing.

Bill began his professional career in 1975 as a hippie transpersonal counselor in the A.R.E. (Edgar Cayce) Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Deciding he really ought to know something more about what he was doing, he studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (before they even had a name for it) and ultimately went back to school and became a marriage and family therapist. During graduate school he met the eccentric and creative psychiatrist Milton Erickson and became Erickson's gardener (Dr. Erickson's only work/study student). He was so confused and impressed by Dr. Erickson's work, he felt compelled to spend the next 12 years of his career writing and teaching in an effort to make it understandable and accessible.

Ever a restless rabble-rouser, Bill was excommunicated by the Ericksonians (for irreverence beyond the call of duty) after criticizing some elements of Dr. Erickson's work. Bill was already moving on and developing his own ideas about psychotherapy which he called Solution-Oriented Therapy. He further refined these ideas (ever restless and non-dogmatic) in Possibility and Inclusive Therapies. Bill has now authored or co-authored 21 books (go see them now). He is frequently heard to say, "Stop me before I write again!" and occasionally awakens in the middle of the night, exclaiming in frustration, "I'm having another book!" He hurls his body through space in a large metal tube two to three times a month to teach workshops around the world, despite the fact he hates to travel and be away from his guitar, wife and favorite foods (not necessarily in that order, honey).

Always looking for a challenge, Bill is now bringing his ideas to a larger audience. In 1999, he appeared on Oprah with his book, Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life. He has also appeared on The Today Show, Canada AM, and Body By Jake. His work has been featured in Ladies Home Journal, New Woman, Newsweek, Bottom Line, Self and The Psychotherapy Networker.

Steffanie and Bill

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