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Freudian Slippers

"Now you can really put your foot in it!"
Walk in the master's footsteps with these newly redesigned Freudian Slippers! Plush and comfy.

Buy Now $24.95


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Brainy Beanies

Are you tired of all those cute but essentially brainless beanie dolls?
We were, so to offset the trends we designed the Brainy Beanies. You’ll want to tell all your troubles to Freud, learn a thing or two from Einstein and be entertained by Shakespeare. Let the Brainy Beanies add a little culture and humor to your life. 11” Tall and oh, so smart!

Freud Buy Now $15.95
Einstein Buy Now $15.95
Shakespeare Buy Now $15.95
All Three Buy Now $40.00


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The New Freudian Sips Magic Mug

Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar....
Pour any hot beverage into this hilarious mug and Voila! Freud disappears leaving only his famous cigar!

Buy Now $13.95



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The Singing Sigmund Freud Pin

This witty little lapel pin does more than make you smile and think of everyone's favorite psychoanalytic hero. It plays the song "Try to Remember" when you flip the switch implanted in Freud's head! Comes with a witty little booklet.
Replaceable batteries included.

Buy Now $16.95


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The Wind-Up Freud Pillow

Relax & unwind with the father of psychoanalysis himself! Wind up this pillow and an old fashioned music box inside plays the song "Memories!"
100% Cotton.

Buy Now $26.00


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Freudian Slip Note Cubes

Now you can write what's really on your mind! Jot your thoughts down on over a thousand sheets of Freudian Slip note paper.

Buy Now $15.00 for 3 cubes



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The Freudian Sips Coffee Mug

At long last: a mug that lets you say what you're really drinking.... I mean thinking! Anyway, this all-porcelain mug features Freud relaxing on his couch with a hot cup of joe.

Buy Now $12.00 for 2 Mugs


Sigmund Freud 50-Minute Watch

Freud brought you the 50-minute hour. Now we bring you the 50-minute watch. Perfect for analysts, patients, and anyone whose day gets befuddled by shrinking hours.
Water Resistant. 1 year warranty.

Buy Now $32.95


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Interpretation of Dreams Pillow Cases

Need help interpreting your dreams? Well, you’ll have quick reference with these. We put several chapters of Freud’s work On Dreams on two separate pillow cases. If they don’t answer your questions, at least the writing is guaranteed to put you back to sleep! 100% Cotton - two standard size cases
100% cotton. Machine Washable. Standard size.

Buy Now $25.95 per set


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