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New Even from a Broken Web: Brief, Respectful, Solution-Oriented Therapy for Sexual Abuse and Trauma
O'Hanlon and Bertolino, [ISBN 0471 194 034] ($45)

New Invitation to Possibility-Land
O'Hanlon and Bertolino

New Brief Couple Therapy Homework Planner
Schultheis, B. O'Hanlon and S. O'Hanlon (December 1998) [ISBN 0471 295 116] ($49.95)

New Solution-Oriented Therapy with Chronic and Severe Mental Illness
Rowan and O'Hanlon (December 1998)

A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy
Learn to do brief therapy! The most up-to-date overview and guidebook available. Bill and Brian Cade, his co-author, provide readers with a road map to navigate through the vast world of brief therapy. This book is essential for beginners and experts alike! US$22.95.

A Guide to Possibility Land: Fifty One Respectful Methods for Doing Brief Therapy
This is a very practical handbook designed to give you specific methods and techniques and a general way of organizing your therapy work. It is irreverent, fun and practical. You can read it in bite-size pieces, a page at a time, or all at once (the entire book can be easily read in one sitting). And you will be able to use the methods in your next session because they are made very simple and accessible. Sandy Beadle co-authored. Discounts available for orders of 10 or more copies. US$15.00

Available in German translation: Das wär' was! Ein Wegweiser ins Möglichkeiten-Land 51 Methoden für eine kurze und respektvolle Therapie
borgmann, Hohe Strasse 39, D- 44139 Dortmund, Germany
phone: (0180) 534 01 30
fax: (0180) 534 01 20

In Search of Solutions
Subtitled, "A New Direction in Psychotherapy," this book lives up to its name. Vividly descriptive of one of the newest trends in psychotherapy, this is no dry textbook! Full of lively descriptions and clinical examples, Bill and Michele Weiner-Davis make even reading about therapy as exciting as any novel. US$20.95.

Love is a Verb: How to Stop Analyzing Your Relationship and Start Making It Great!
This book (available in bookstores only since February 14, 2023) is for both you and your clients. An excellent resource for anyone who wants to have a healthy relationship! Co-authored with Pat Hudson. US$19.95.

Rewriting Love Stories: Brief Marital Therapy
Stop Blaming, Start Loving : A Solution-Oriented Approach to Improving Your Relationship
Bill and co-author, Pat Hudson, use solution-oriented strategies to break relationship deadlocks. Their approach is hopeful, positive, and often humorous. Now available in hardback or paperback (please specify). US$22.95 HB/US$11.95 paperback .

Shifting Contexts: The Generation of Effective Psychotherapy
A radical reworking of the basics of psychotherapy. This book gives a philosophical underpinning for brief therapy. Tough going in some sections, but well worth the read! Co-authored with James Wilk of England. US$27.00.

Solution-Oriented Hypnosis: An Ericksonian Approach
Another one of those "just like being there" books. Bill whisks the reader off for what feels like a stimulating two-day workshop on Ericksonian hypnosis. Each element of trance induction is clearly explained through the use of clinical examples, demonstrations, and transcripts of audience exercises. US$22.95.

This book centers on the underlying principles of Milton Erickson's therapy and hypnosis. The book clearly explains pattern intervention, the principles of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and provides numerous examples that just can't help but clarify the sometimes confusing principles of Ericksonian therapy. US$22.95.

An Uncommon Casebook
A clear, concise encyclopedia of the complete clinical work of Milton Erickson. Angela Hexum and Bill summarized and compiled Erickson's work in an easy to follow, thoroughly useful book of unpublished and published cases. Understandable by beginners and experts alike! US$34.95.

The Handout Book OUT OF PRINT
This is a compilation of the handouts Bill has evolved for use in his workshops over the years. There are over 174 pages of handouts covering the areas of brief, solution-oriented, narrative therapies; Ericksonian and hypnotic therapies; sexual abuse treatment; couples treatment as well as assessment and other forms. US$20.00


* New I'm Not Leaving You, Just Going Out For Awhile: Solution-Oriented Couples Therapy with a Same Sex Couple

Contact: Master'sWork, 1315 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024, 800.476.1619, fax 310.446.0061, email:

* New Family Therapy with the Experts: Solution-Oriented Therapy [#0-205-28338-1]

Contact: Allyn & Bacon, 160 Gould St., Needham Hts., MA 02194, 800.278.3525, fax 515.284.2607;

* Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy [# V-11] List price $29.95

Published by CMTI Press, Box 51722, Bowling Green, KY 42101-6722, 800.584.1733.


* Moving On: A Tape for Resolving Sexual Abuse

* Calm Beneath the Waves: Finding comfort in the midst of panic, anxiety, hopelessness and desperation

* Beside Yourself with Comfort: Solution-oriented hypnotic help for pain relief

* New Resolving Trauma Without Drama: Rapid and Respectful New Approaches to Treating Post-Traumatic Stress

Contact: Lima Associates, 8353 Mentor Ave., Mentor, OH 44060, 440.255.3299, fax 440.255.7478, email:; website:

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