Santa Fe has inspired me to do training groups. I was bound and determined to stop doing them because I was so busy and overwhelmed. So, after taking a year or so break from them, now, here I go again. I enjoy Santa Fe so much I don't want to leave home. Its mesmerizing and transforming and, what can I say, it's the perfect place to do intensive trainings. I think you'll agree and I have to warn you, previous attendees have always told me that the groups are amazingly mind-altering. And that was when they were in Omaha! Combine that with the magic of Santa Fe and the sky is the limit. And if you've been to Santa Fe, you'll know that the sky goes on forever.

The following is what I've planned for the next several months.

Training Practicums

These are week-long intensive training groups designed to master the skill of solution oriented and possibility therapy. If you've read a few books or attended some workshops this group will help you "get it in your bones". The skill level of attendees often vary widely and you don't have to be an expert to attend. The weeks include observation of me doing live and taped interviews, case consultation, and other formats depending on the specific interests of group participants. The first group will meet Monday through Friday, January 27-31, 1997. The next group is from February 24-28, 1997. The groups are each limited to 12 people. The fee is $800 and the deposit is $400 and of that $200 is non-refundable.

Solution-Oriented Hypnosis Practicum and Intensive

I constantly hear from people that they need more practice before they would be confident enough to use hypnosis in their work. So I offered one in October of 1996 and both myself and the participants were happy with the level of skill the intensive practicum produced. The group will be held on Monday through Friday, June 23 through 27, 1997. It is limited to 12 people. By the time the practicum is finished, you will be able to comfortably design and carry out solution-oriented hypnotic interventions. You will receive a certificate at the end of the week reflecting your completion of the training. The charge is $800 for this 5-day training. A nonrefundable deposit of $375 will hold your place.

Advanced Training Group

This is a weekend training group for therapists who have attended one of my previous training/supervision groups. The group will be held on Friday, 7pm through 10pm; Saturday, 9am through 5pm; and Sunday, 9am through 3pm; April 11-13, 1997. The fee is $325 dollars with a deposit of $100. It is limited to ten people.

You can charge the fee on MasterCard or Visa (or pay by check). Half the fee is due at the time of registration to hold your place with the remaining balance due on the first day of the training. We will do our best to help you find affordable accommodations and car rental, including facilitating ride/car rental sharing and hotel sharing. For details contact my assistant, Mary Nathan at 7914 W.Dodge Rd. #387, Omaha, NE 68114; 402.896.5338; Fax 402.896.5402. If you want to contact me directly you can write me at 535 Cordova Road, Suite 715, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. -- Revised: December 19, 2023
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