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A Brief Guide To Brief Therapy

Brian Cade
William O’Hanlon

This is the most up to date overview and guide book available on brief therapy today. It provides an overview of the history and theory of brief therapy from its beginnings in the research of Gregory Bateson through the seminal therapy of Milton Erickson and John Weakland to contemporary theorists and practitioners such as Steven deShazer.

Bill and co-author Brian concentrate on ways of working with clients that are common to all brief therapies, including framing, pattern, paradoxical, metaphorical, and family interventions. The book also touches on the ethics of brief therapy, the potential abuse of power by therapists in directing outcomes, and the inclusion/exclusion of emotions and social and political considerations such as gender and race. This book is essential for beginners and experts alike.




Chapter 1 Brief/Strategic Approaches to Therapy: An Overview

Chapter 2 What Is It That Happens Between the Ears?

Chapter 3 The Reality of "Reality" (or the "Reality" of Reality): "What is Really Happening?"

Chapter 4 How Do We Understand Emotions?

Chapter 5 Negotiating the Problem

Chapter 6 Neutrality and Power, Suggestions, Tasks, and Persuasion

Chapter 7 Less of the Same

Chapter 8 Exceptions, Solutions, and the Future Focus

Chapter 9 Framing Interventions: Altering How the Problem is Viewed

Chapter 10 Pattern Intervention: Altering the Doing of the Problem

Chapter 11 The Use of Analogy

Chapter 12 Paradoxical Interventions

Chapter 13 Over-responsibility and Under-responsibility: Opposite Sides of the Coin



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