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Even from A Broken Web:  Brief Respectful Solution-Oriented Therapy for Sexual Abuse and Trauma

Bill O'Hanlon
Bob Bertolino

Survivors of sexual abuse often feel at war with certain aspects of themselves or their feelings–anger, fear, sexuality, memory, even physical sensations–the web of self is broken. In solution-oriented therapy, the therapists task is to help people learn to "spin and weave" at once to reclaim parts of themselves that they have dissociated, disowned, or devalued as a result of their trauma.

This volume gives therapists the tools to help clients form a resilient thread and weave a new fabric of self in which every aspect of one's personality is recognized, valued, and cherished. The approach is respectful, collaborative, flexible, and in most cases, mercifully brief. Numerous examples of how to practice solution-oriented techniques in a variety of situations to help clients break free from unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting. While this book is solution-based, it goes beyond a formulaic brief approach and adds in elements that are more inclusive and soulful.

Chapter 1 A Break in the Web
Chapter 2 Even from a Broken Web
Permission, Validation, and Inclusion
Chapter 3 Strong at the Broken Places
Disrupting Problem Patterns and Evoking
Solution Patterns and Contexts
Chapter 4 Spinning the Future
The Viktor Frankl Strategy
Chapter 5 The Web of Relationship
Acknowledging the Facts and Experience of Sexual Abuse
Chapter 6 Weaving Possibility Stories
Chapter 7 Weaving New Webs and Breaking Old Ones
Continuity and Transition Rituals for Healing
Chapter 8 A Safety Net
Innovative Methods for Stopping Self-Harm and Intrusive Flashbacks
Embrace Your Deviance and Double Your Weirdness

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