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Solution-Oriented Therapy For Chronic and Severe Mental Illness

Tim Rowan
Bill O'Hanlon

The idea of brief solution-oriented therapy for severe mental illness flies in the face of convention wisdom. But then so does almost everything else about the psychotherapeutic approach developed by Bill O'Hanlon and co-author Tim Rowan in this groundbreaking book. Concepts such as forming client/therapist partnerships and creatively engaging the person beyond the illness are at radical variance with the mainstream view that disorders such as schizophrenia are only Neuro-biological. Nevertheless, the long and inspiring results obtained by the authors of this book and like minded practitioners speak for themselves.


Chapter 1 A Hopeful Approach to Chronic and Severe Mental Illness

Chapter 2 Riding The Wave

Chapter 3 Rewriting Spoiled Identity Stories

Chapter 4 Revaluing People’s Experiences

Chapter 5 Collaborating with Clients, Their Families and Others in Their Social Environment

Chapter 6 Creating A New Vision of the Future

Chapter 7 Handling Dangerous and Violent Situations

Chapter 8 Effective and Respectful Treatment of "Borderline" Clients

Chapter 9 Relapse Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Chapter 10 General Principles For Working With Chronic and Severe Mental Illness


Connections with the Work of Others by Kenneth Stewart, Ph.D.



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