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Stop Blaming, Start Loving:  A Solution-Oriented Approach to Improving Your Relationship (Formerly published as Love Is A Verb)

Bill O'Hanlon
Pat Hudson

This book is geared for general audience and presents a fresh a perspective to relationships by going beyond analyzing them to changing them. It shows readers how to: break free of old patterns quickly; improve their sex life; increase feelings of intimacy; and how to get over past hurts. It is a great resource for clients and adjunct to solution-oriented couples therapy.


Chapter 1 The Codependent Cinderella Who Loves a Man Who Hates Women Too Much

Analysis Doesn’t Solve Relationship Problems and Can Even Make Them Worse

Chapter 2 How to Stop Analyzing Your Relationship and Start Making It Great

Becoming Your Own Relationship Expert

Chapter 3 The Difference Between a Rut and A Grave is the Dimensions

Changing Unworkable Patterns

Chapter 4 Integrity, Limits, and Consequences

What to Do When Relationship Patterns Are Destructive

Chapter 5 I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!

Healing Rituals for Unfinished Business and Reconnection

Chapter 6 You Mean You Can Talk During This?

Intimacy and Sex

Chapter 7 Loving Your Partner More Than You Love Your Stories

Verbs Don’t Make a Whole Language

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