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Taproots:  Underlying Principles of Milton Erickson’s Therapy and Hypnosis

William O’Hanlon

Milton Erickson was an eccentric genius. People have longed been amazed and mystified by what he did, despairing that they would be able to reproduce his creative and effective approaches. This book provides an excellent framework for understanding Milton Erickson’s approach to therapy and hypnosis by delineating underlying principles and patterns. Bill began his workshop career in an effort to make Erickson's work understandable and this clear concise explanation of the strategic and hypnotic patterns finally makes the work of this genius accessible.



Chapter 1      Groundwork: Introduction to Erickson’s Work

Generic Patterns

Chapter 2     Pattern Intervention

Chapter 3      Splitting and Linking

Chapter 4     Parallel Communication

Chapter 5      Implication

Chapter 6     Framing Interventions

Chapter 7      Ambiguity

Elements of Erickson’s Therapy and Hypnosis

Chapter 8     Phases of Erickson’s Therapy

Chapter 9     Elements of Erickson’s Trance Inductions

Chapter 10   Frameworks of Erickson’s Therapy and Hypnosis

Further Resources

Bibliography of Ericksonian Approaches and Techniques

Videotapes of Milton H. Erickson

Audiotapes of Milton H. Erickson

Research on Erickson’s Approaches and Techniques

An Ericksonian Glossary

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