Monday 18th August 2014
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2 Day Solution Focused Consultation and Supervision


Solution Focused Brief Therapy developed as an approach to counselling but as the model developed it became clear that it has much wider applicability. One straightforward area of application is in the practice of supervision and consultation.
Supervision is a complex activity with a range of elements, including information flow in relation to cases and policy, support, and time and task management as well as case consultation all within the context of structures of accountability. This workshop will primarily address the element of case consultation and will work from a set of basic assumptions at the centre of which lie the twin ideas of empowerment and the development of co-operation.
1. It is the place of the consultee to establish the purpose of the consultation and to assess whether, in retrospect, it has indeed been useful.
2. Ideally consultation and supervision should aim to be, as far as possible, activities from which the recipients can develop and grow rather than serving to showcase the expertise of the supervisor and the supervisor’s privileged access either to the correct solutions or a deeper understanding of the situation.
3. It makes most sense and is most economical for consultation to focus on and to develop the consultee’s idiosyncratic ways of working successfully, when those ways can be identified to be successful.
4. However difficult the problem, the situation will include exceptions and these exceptions will contain within them the seeds of solution.
Aims of Course
1.    Review the basic principles of the solution focused approach.
2.    Consider applications to the tasks of supervision and consultation.
3.    Consider applications to the everyday work of course members.
4.    Practice case consultation and supervisory skills.
Teaching Method
Solution focused brief therapy is a practical approach to work with clients and the teaching method reflects this. Courses have a large element of practice exercises all designed to develop skills directly relevant to the task of doing and supervising direct work with clients. These are in pairs, threes, small and large groups and nearly all are concerned with the development of skills.
The course tutor will also demonstrate these skills directly with course members.
Finally, there will be theoretical input and discussion, both of which will be in the service of skills development.
Course Dates & Locations
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Location Course Dates Price (inc VAT) Info Booking
London 20th November 2014 - 21st November 2014 £330.00 more info