Saturday 31st August 2013
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Promoting Better Parenting - Linda Metcalf

Promoting Better Parenting

Linda Metcalf is a Professor of Counseling at the Texas Wesleyan University and a leading figure in the development of Solution Focused Brief Therapy with children, adolescents, families and schools. Her many books are among the most widely read in this field and her teaching is renowned throughout the world. Linda, as President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, also occupies one of the most prestigious positions in the therapy world and from her family therapy background is able to bring fresh insights to Solution Focused Practice in its many forms and applications.

In this workshop Linda will take us through some of the common and uncommon problems that crop up in raising a family and argue convincingly that understanding behaviour is rarely sufficient to change it. Focusing on solutions, she will show how to offer parents ways of changing their children's problematic behaviors by using the skills they have already learned through their life experience. She will also teach specific strategies: showing and then getting us to practice and review so they become our strategies ready for our next day at work. Linda is particularly keen to show how professionals can help parents not let a problem overshadow either their child’s or the family’s life.

One of her newest and most creative tools will be the Solution Focused Genogram. These Genograms are able to provide a new platform for partnership and collaboration between professionals and families which enables parents to discover the resources and strengths often hidden by problems yet permeating their family history.

Much of Linda’s success in work with parents is derived from her groupwork experiences where she has been able to draw out and distill the many successful child care strategies of struggling parents: how to deal not only with the anticipated challenges of growing children but also with more serious and worrying behaviours professionals are increasingly called upon to address.

Despite her position as one of the world’s most influential therapists Linda remains a ‘student’ at heart. She is as prepared to learn as she is to teach and to listen as well as speak. It is her openness to new ideas, her belief in the skills of ordinary front-line professionals that help make Linda one of the most accessible and inspiring of teachers.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Building your capacity as a therapist to work with challenging parents by seeing them through a new lens.
  • Mining your own resources as therapists to work with challenging, resistant parents.
  • Helping parents recognize the effective parenting traits they already possess in alternative situations and putting those traits into action…now
  • Strategies for parents of adolescents who are acting out and being disrespectful.
  • Integrating narrative therapy as a means of writing a new chapter in a family’s life, using solution focused language with a narrative “flavoring” to enhance vision.
  • Building questions to ask clients that take them from problem talk to solution building.
  • Practicing conversations that set the stage for solution building, through role plays of current cases of the participants.
  • Perfecting an exercise that together, with clients, creates "the perfect parent" and can be used to know what to do with their most troubling situation.

This workshop will offer something new to all who attend whether they be old hands or beginners in the forever interesting world of parenting and parent support.

See more about Linda and her work at

Linda Metcalf’s Books

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