Saturday 31st August 2013
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Brief Therapy with Couples - Elliott Connie

Elliott Connie is a remarkable therapist. Attend his workshop and you will be taken on a journey. If you are already familiar with solution focused brief therapy you will find that Elliott brings a new light to old ways and If you are new to the world of solution focused brief therapy, beware! This workshop could capture your heart.

As Elliott says from the very beginning, solution focused brief therapy is simple, so simple it is really hard to learn. But if you set out to do so this workshop will provide the foundation for you to begin your journey to becoming a competent solution focused brief therapist. It is all here, laid out clearly, packed with examples from the real world of therapy.

Working with couples presents psychotherapists and counselors with a unique set of challenges and like many therapists Elliott began by doing his best to avoid couple altogether. His first session changed all that: use of Solution Focused Brief Therapy made working with couples a pleasure.

Because the solution focused approach is one that facilitates cooperation between partners in the creation of an agreed-upon future the problems that have come to define the relationship are placed in a new context – one of hope and possibility. It is the creation of this context that leads to surprisingly different conversation between the couples themselves and between them and the therapist.

Beginning with a clear explanation of the assumptions and tenets required for the practice of SFT, this workshop will present a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how to conduct solution building sessions with couples. Each part of the therapeutic process will be described and illustrated with sample videos, dialogues, techniques, and vignettes drawn from the Elliott’s own extensive practice. Participants will feel as though they themselves are going through the therapeutic process with the couples and observing the impact of each step of the process. Exercises and common solution focused questions will help participants integrate this new material into their repertoire for immediate use.

Key Features:

  • Provides a unique view of couples therapy in action using the solution focused approach
  • Includes actual questions to ask clients, sample dialogues, and sample homework assignments
  • Features examples drawn from actual cases, illustrating techniques used in practice with real couples
  • Presents scales to measure progress and supporting research for the application of solution-focused therapy to couples counseling
  • How to handle arguments in the session
  • What to do when one member of the couple is less invested than the other

Elliott Connie is an inspirational speaker fast gathering a world-wide reputation. Already author of two books his most recent, Solution Building in Couples Therapy, is the first solution focused brief therapy book on this subject and is one of the best books in the entire solution focused catalogue. Elliott now has a thriving private practice in Dallas-Fort Worth and his hard work, determination but most of all enthusiasm have made him the most experienced in couples work of all solution focused brief therapists.

Whether or not you decide to go ‘all the way’ with Elliott’s ground-breaking approach you will certainly leave this workshop both with additional skills and a new polish to those skills you came with.

Click here to discover more about Elliott and about his practice

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