Sunday 17th August 2014
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SF Practice - 2-day Foundation Programme

This course will provide a thorough introduction to the principles and practices of solution focused brief therapy including:

  • The development of the approach
  • The theoretical underpinnings
  • The therapeutic process
  • A full set of adaptable skills

The course will be sufficiently practical for each participant to be able to begin using solution focused skills when they return to work. It will also provide a basis for continued self-development.

The course will be tailored to match the needs of participants from a variety of different backgrounds including health, education, social care, counselling and coaching.

More front-line professionals are using solution focus as the approach of choice than any other therapeutic model. Its strength-base and future-focus make it ideal for situations requiring rapid engagement and cooperation. By concentrating on a preferred future rather than a regretted past and by focusing on resources rather than deficits the solution focused approach has proved as effective as any other model and is especially useful where clients are in great difficulty and who urgently need to find a way forward.

Solution focused brief therapy can only be learned through practice and the teaching methods reflects this. Courses have a large element of practical skills development exercises all designed to be directly relevant to the task of doing and supervising direct work with clients. Most of the work is done in pairs, threes, small and large groups. The approach will also be demonstrated either through the use of recorded sessions or through live demonstration.

Solution focused brief therapy is constantly evolving so each course is a unique event with the programme being adapted to match each group to the most current practice. However, the following elements are likely to be covered:

  • An overview of Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
  • Creating motivation
  • Detailing the preferred future
  • Eliciting competence and resource
  • Highlighting progress
  • Finishing solution focused conversations
  • Putting it all together
  • 5 minute sessions
  • Follow-up sessions

This two-day programme provides sufficient opportunity to begin to embed solution focused skills into the everyday work of participants. It has been the starting point for many leading brief therapists in Britain.

All courses will be run by one of BRIEF’s founders, Evan George, Chris Iveson or Harvey Ratner, all of whom have world-wide recognition as important leaders in this field. Their most recent book Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques (Routledge) is regarded as one of the most useful texts available.

Each participant will be given a detailed, practical Manual supporting the course programme and will have access to any other written material used.

  • Thank you again for the very positive experience we had on Saturday.  I hope to do a session with my team members - using the material we went through.  It has made me feel much more positive. 
  • Thanks for the wonderful training. Have included some comments from the evaluation forms for you to read ‘Highly appreciated’ ‘It was a wonderful course and I got to learn so much knowledge stuff which we can use in our daily life.’ ‘A very big thank you for everything’ ‘This is an excellent course. Evan is a sensitive as well as a knowledgeable/experienced facilitator. It was a privilege to be part of such a diverse and interesting group of people’ ‘There are some really good techniques that can be used in all parts of life, not only caring. A follow up (if available) would be very interesting’ ‘Thank you’ ‘I really enjoyed myself and I felt I am getting my life back together’ ‘Great course, thank you’
  • Since the training I have been trying out solution focused therapy with patients, and have found it to be extremely positive and powerful. The training came at exactly the right time for me and I feel inspired. Am definitely planning on doing more training.
Course Dates & Locations
If you are interested in booking a place on one of our forth coming courses please select the most suitable course for your location and calender and enter the number of places you require.
Location Course Dates Price (inc VAT) Info Booking
Sheffield 6th November 2014 - 7th November 2014 £330.00 more info
Glasgow 27th November 2014 - 28th November 2014 £330.00 more info
Oxford 4th December 2014 - 5th December 2014 £330.00 more info