Monday 6th February 2012
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Conferences & International Presentations

Each year the BRIEF organises three or four larger events, a mixture of Conferences and of International Presentations.

The one day conferences are intended to highlight the work of British practitioners making everyday use of solution focused thinking in a variety of fields. They will show some of the most imaginative and innovative adaptations of solution focused thinking to the everyday tasks of frontline professionals.

Structured around two plenary presentations and a choice of smaller workshops these conferences will give evidence of the versatility of the solution focused approach and the creativity of those professionals already drawing on solution focus for their inspiration.

In addition BRIEF each year invites a number of the most interesting and influential practitioners in solution focus from around the world either to demonstrate or to talk about developments in their work, to show recordings and to discuss with participants. These presentations have made a substantial contribution to practice in the United Kingdom and further afield.

Below you will find detailed descriptions of our forthcoming conferences and international presentations:

Microanalysis and therapy - Harry Korman  -  24 - 25 November 2011  London

Course Dates & Locations
If you are interested in booking a place on one of our forth coming courses please select the most suitable course for your location and calender and enter the number of places you require.