Saturday 31st August 2013
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Certificate and Diploma

BRIEF offers you the chance to build your expertise in SF Practice beyond the introductory level. After 8 days of training with BRIEF you are invited to submit an assignment of 3,500 words. Satisfactory completion of the assignment will lead to the awarding of the Certificate in SF Practice (BRIEF).
And those who have 8 days training are invited to apply for the BRIEF Diploma in SF Practice. The course is made up of 8 two-day modules delivered over the course of a single academic year. The diploma has now been running for 7 years. Successful, enjoyable, demanding, exhilarating, hard work, the course is delivered by the BRIEF team who have been at the heart of the developments in SF practice over the past decade. If you join the programme you will be connected to the very latest discussions and the most up-to-date thinking about what is happening in Solution Focus today and what might happen tomorrow.
One ex-student, Matthew Moore writes:
12 months ago I took a leap of faith. Having twisted my boss’ arm for months and months she finally agreed to let me go and do the diploma course at BRIEF. This gave me the chance to be immersed in the approach that I have been using for the last three years, to speak, sleep, eat it for 2 full days a month for 8 months. I learnt of the history, the developments, the controversy. I came to question the whole thing altogether or at least my ability to do it. Finally I came to a realisation that I had gone from a fledgling SF practitioner to a proficient exponent of the art.”
Contact Harvey Ratner the course director for more information or look at the relevant parts of the site. Harvey’s email address is:

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Certificate and Diploma
2012 - 2013
BRIEF offers you the chance to build your expertise in SF Practice beyond the introductory level. After 8 days of...
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