Saturday 31st August 2013
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Solution Focus works - a new review of the research findings


Wallace Gingerich and Lance Peterson have just done the whole of the solution focused world a real service. Their careful review of the research evidence available in the solution focused field leads them to a clear conclusion:
‘Based upon our review of the studies, we conclude there is strong evidence that SFBT is an effective treatment for a wide variety of behavioral and psychological outcomes and, in addition, it appears to be briefer and less costly than alternative approaches’. 
Following on from the publication of Cynthia Franklin and colleagues’ enormously significant edited volume  Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Handbook of Evidence-Based Practice (2012), the two together allow solution focused practitioners to face the future confidently, assured that their clinical experience is confirmed in a range of research studies.
To read more about the Gingerich and Peterson article go to the BRIEF blog, which also gives you the web address to obtain a copy.
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