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The Power of Gathering and Using Stories in the Workplace

Stories can be a powerful business tool: to communicate and solidify corporate culture, to change culture, to quickly assimilate new employees, to avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes, and to reproduce the best of your own and others past efforts. This presentation will introduce you to the use of stories in the workplace and give you basic training in creating a story-friendly environment at work.



New tools for influencing people through communication

This session will give you five powerful methods of communication for results. Possibility Talk is the art and science of influencing people and getting them aligned with your visions and goals. These methods have been developed over the past 50 years in the realm of psychotherapy and now they are available as tools for business people.



A new tool for solving workplace communication problems

Much of business involves communication. And much of the time, people in business settings misunderstand or miscommunicate, sometimes resulting in lost business opportunities, lost profit, or in litigation. This workshop offers a simple, easy to learn and use, tool for businesspeople to quickly and clearly communicate with each other and avoid problems resulting from this miscommunication.

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