Hire Bill for a Workshop

He typically presents for:

He typically does:

  • one or two day workshops
  • keynote addresses (1-3 hour)

Tips for hiring Bill:

  • Look at his workshop descriptions to see what interests you.
  • Check his schedule for availability of the dates you are considering
  • It is easiest to hire Bill in the winter and summer. The fall and spring may require more planning ahead.
  • If you are an overseas sponsor, check out when he will be in your area of the world and see if you can link your dates to Bill's already scheduled workshops.
  • Don't hesitate to check out last minute availability. Sometimes Bill gets an unexpected cancellation (the Brazilian economy crashes, the workshop is cancelled and we forget to take it off the schedule).

Hire Bill for Supervision or Case Consultation.

  • Bill does supervision groups for 10-20 people. For more information about sponsoring a supervision group in your area or to be notified about future groups, contact Possibilities.
  • Bill is trying to get a life, so he is sorry to disappoint, but he no longer does case consultation or supervision with individuals.

Bill's Workshop Schedule

Contact Possibilities for an interested sponsors packet of information or to discuss the possibilities.

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