Presentations for the General Public with Bill O'Hanlon

A Personal and Professional Transformation Seminar

Opening Possibilities is an opportunity to examine your underlying assumptions about the nature of problems and change and how our beliefs either limit or facilitate our abilities to live the lives we want. Going beyond a quick-fix, pump you up with positive thinking approach, you will learn a set of principles based in real world actions and feedback that can be applied to a variety of problems or goals to help your reach the life of your dreams. Now you are invited to participate, but there is a warning: This seminar may cause severe disruption to old beliefs and unhelpful patterns and you may have no place to go but toward the life that is your hearts and souls desire.


& Other Uncommonly Simple Solutions for Breaking Free of Persistent Problems

This workshop will teach you a simple model for breaking free of persistent problems. It involves changing how you view or do something related to the problem you are facing. You will learn the 10 solution keys for rapidly changing unhelpful patterns in your job, your relationships, your inner life, your past, your sexual life and your habits.


Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Many more people are remembering having been sexually abused and presenting with the aftereffects of this abuse for therapy. This workshop will not dwell, as many do, on the problems engendered by such traumatic experiences, but rather on a method for moving on. This approach focuses on presenting concerns and goals to make healing more brief and focused, providing an alternative to traditional, long-term, past-oriented and cathartic approaches. Extensive summary handouts and exercises are included.

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